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HT1111 • Red Drip Tongue

Printed Design Transfer

Infant | 5.25" wide
Toddler | 6.5" wide
Youth | 8.5" wide
Adult | 9.5" - 10.5" wide (varies by design)
Plus | 12" wide
Pocket | 4" wide
Koozie | 3.25"



DTF stands for Direct to Film, a new technology that digitally prints designs using special, water-based inks, and an adhesive coating onto a polyester film.

Heat Press settings:

A commercial grade heat press is highly recommended to achieve proper adhesion.

Temperature: 300°F - 325°F
Pressure: HIGH
Press Time: 10 - 15 seconds
Peel: Warm or cold (NOT HOT)
Re-Press with a Teflon sheet or parchment paper for an additional 20 seconds.


All sublimation transfers must be pressed onto a shirt with at least 65% polyester and be light colored. White will always look best. Sublimation will always have a more vintage look. All of our shirts that you're able to press on can be found here:

Heat Press Settings

400°F for 40 Seconds

**Please be sure to use a sheet of butcher paper or parchment paper to protect your heat press.

Sizes are shown as an average and may vary based on the individual design.

Additional sizes may be available upon request. Please email us or call 832-629-5204 with any questions.

*IMPORTANT* every effort has been made to represent the true colors of this file but resolution may vary from screen to screen.

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Transfer Type
Transfer Size

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